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Make free online calls via PopTox.


Free online calls have now become a reality. With PopTox, you can make free international phone calls to mobile and landline numbers across the world when you are online. All you need is access to internet. Call your loved ones for entirely free. It is a convenient way of making free internet calls. You are not required to register or make a payment. PopTox will connect your phone call from a web browser to any phone number when are online.

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Free online calls through Internet

PopTox leverages internet to connect your call to a regular phone. A decent internet connection is required because PopTox builds a persistent connection between your browser and its servers so that the audio can travel both ways. Imagine being able to call your family as you are checking your e-mails - for 100% free? This is now possible with PopTox.

100% free online calls

If you are wondering if there is a catch to PopTox free calls - know that there is none. There is no trick here. We will not ask you to prove us your payment information. We will not force you sign up and create an account. You can call for free - it is as simple as that.

Free Calls in 3 Steps

Making free calls to anywhere around the world is simple and easy with PopTox. Follow these three simple steps:

  1. Go to our home page from Chrome or Opera browser
  2. Enter the phone number using our key pad on the home page
  3. Click on the call button.

Once you have clicked on call, PopTox will then takeover and make sure that your call is successfully connected. You will be able to see the status of your free online call and within a couple seconds, you will hear the phone ringing. It is important that you dial the final phone number in standard format. Please do not enter the country code. You select that from the drop down in our dial pad. Once you have made the destination country selection, the country will automatically appear. Simply enter the phone number as it would be followed by the country code in the correct international calling format. If you are unsure about how to dial the number, try omitting the preceding zero in the local phone number. You can also search google or contact us on how best to dial the destination phone number. We will also usually show you if you have entered an invalid number. If you see an " incorrect number " message, then try changing it and try again. We at PopTox try to make online calling striaght forward.