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Free Calls to United KingdomFree Calls to United Kingdom


Looking to make free calls to UK? We offer absolutely free calls to United Kingdom so you can stay in touch with your family without having to break your wallet. We started PopTox with a simple goal: how do we make international calls free and leverage VOIP to open up the traditional telephony network and connect it seamlessly with Internet. We are there now - yes, you can now make entirely free calls to United Kingdom based mobile and landline phones. Our free internet calling platform does not require users to sign up or make payment. We only ask you to provide your UK phone number and leave the rest to us. Experience high quality free calls to UK right away! 

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How does free calling to UK work? 

You must be wondering how we are able to offer free calls to UK when everyone else charges hefty calling rates. Well, we simply don't believe in making money at the expense of other people's basic needs. We believe that staying in touch with your loved ones is a fundamental human need. While internet based services are completely free (such as Skype to Skype calls), calls to mobile or landline phones still remain expensive. While regular phone calls are not free, most people in UK still rely and use mobile phones to stay in touch. Our mission is therefore to make regular phone calls free and we strive to bridge the gap everyday. 

100% Free Calls to UK 

Our business model is not free conditionally. We are free without any condition. You can simply go to our home page and enter the UK based mobile phone number using the keypad on the homepage and click on call. Magically, we will connect your call. We will not ask you to register. We will not ask you to pay us. We will simply do our best to make sure that you can have the conversation in the best possible voice clarity. 

Premium quality VOIP calls to UK 

Try calling UK and notice the difference in quality to existing VOIP based international calling services. We are able to offer excellent quality calls to UK because do not send our traffic to the final destination through intermediaries or wholesale VOIP companies. We send your traffic directly to the final carrier. This allows us to minimize the hops and latency in the network. We essentially use the same technology that a regular mobile operator does. This enables us to offer similar voice quality that you would experience with your regular phone provider. The only difference is that we are entirely free. 

Free calls to UK that are excellent in quality - does it not sound like a no-brainer?