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Free Calls to MicronesiaFree Calls to Micronesia


Make free calls to Micronesia using PopTox. All you need is internet connection to make free calls to Micronesia. Simply enter the phone number using the dial pad and click on "Call". You can now make free calls to Micronesia mobile and landline phones from PC, Mac or Smartphone. Call your loved ones today!

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Make Free Calls to Micronesia

Poptox Free Call URL

Go to

You can now make free calls to Micronesia right from your web browser. With PopTox, there is no need to download any app or plug-in. You can make free calls via internet as long as you have a modern web browser such as Chrome. The first step to making free calls is to open your web browser and go to

Poptox Free Dialpad

Enter Phone Number

Once you are on PopTox home page, you will see a dialpad. Select Micronesia from the drop down and enter the phone number. You will not be required to enter the country code. Just select Micronesia from the drop down and enter the phone number without the country code.

Poptox Free Call URL

Click on "Call"

Make sure you have entered a correct number in the right format. Once the number is entered, simply click on the “Call” button on the bottom of the dialpad. You will be prompted to allow PopTox to access your mic. Click on “Allow” for us to connect your call. Make sure you do not “Deny” mic permission.

Free Calls to Micronesia from PC or Mac

PopTox lets you make free online calls to mobile and landline phones in Micronesia. Since PopTox is a web browser based VOIP communication platform, you do not need to download any app to make free calls. Simply open your web browser on your PC or Mac and if you are online, you can start making free calls. Keep in mind that we limit the number of free calls you can make to Micronesiabecause there is a cost associated with connecting your calls to mobile and landline phones in Micronesia. You can make unlimited free online calls by signing up and paying one of the world’s lowest calling rates. You can see our calling rates here.


How else can I make free calls to Micronesia?

Unfortunately, it is not simple and easy. There is a cost involved in connecting calls to regular mobile and landline phones.

Is there a limit to the number of free calls I can make to Micronesia

Yes, you can see the time limit after the call has started. We try our best to give you maximum time possible but since it costs us to connect calls to Micronesia, we currently limit the number and duration of free calls to Micronesia. You can however make unlimited calls at our low and simple calling rates.