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Free Calling App


Free Calling App by PopTox is world's first web browser based app that does not require an app download. No need to go to iTunes or Google Play App store to download a calling app. With PopTox, you can make free phone calls to all mobile and landline numbers straight from a regular web browser. Remember, there is no registration or payment needed! Enjoy our free calling site - it is all on us! If you like us, please share us - that is all we ask in return.

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Free Calls by PopTox Calling App

PopTox is built using cutting edge web and VOIP technologies that enable us to turn your web browser into a real time communication platform and our web page into a fully fledged application - similar to the one you download to your smartphone or computer. Our proprietary technology and global carrier partnerships enable us to offer free calling from our web app - without you having to download a single byte wirth of app.

Why build a web based free calling app?

In case you are wondering why we did not build an Android or iOS app instead? The answer is simple: we wanted to serve everyone and we wanted to make our platform super simple. No matter how ubiquotous apps have become, there are still many people out there who still do not have a smartphone. A simple browser environment is mor eaffordable because you no longer need an Android or iOS smartphone to access it. As long as you have any internet connective device such as a computer, tablet or a phone - you can use PopTox. We also do not require users to sign up or make a payment before they can make a call. This ease of use makes our app simpler to user and completely worry-free.

PopTox is a free and secure calling app you can trust

One quesiton we receive all the time is how secure PopTox is. We can tell you with confidence that all communication and voice data that flows between your browser and our VOIP and web based servers is completely secure and encrypted. Use trust is the most important thing to us - we handle your interaction on our calling app with utmost care and responsibility. If you have any further questions or concerns, please get in touch with us. We love to hear from customers and we make sure we can put you at ease as it relates to any security or privacy concerns you might have. What are you waiting for? Make a free call using our app today!