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Free Calls to USAFree Calls to USA


How about if you could make free calls to USA? Free as in completely free - where you do not have to sign up or make a payment. That is now possible with PopTox. It is the world's first communication company that is proud to offer free calls to USA from anywhere in the world. Our platform that offers free internet based calls is now able to route browser based calls from anywhere in the world to any mobile or fixed phone in USA. 


  • No signup or registration is required. 
  • No credit card is needed. 
  • No download or install needed - of any kind!

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Call USA for entirely free

Most VOIP based companies claim to offer free calls to USA but there is always a caveat involved. You either have to provide your credit card information before you can make supposedly free calls or you are asked to watch lengthy video ads before your call is connected. These limited offers have a lot of strings attached. Plus, the quality is really not reasonable. While these services might be used as an okay substitute to SMS - in that if you only have to call someone to say a few words - that these services are fine. But, if your intent is to actually talk to someone in USA, then don't even bother trying them out. You are probably reading this because you have tried everything else and no service has been able to fulfill yoru simple need: how to make free calls to USA! 

Make Free Calls to US using PopTox

With PopTox, your search is really over. We are going to be your single stop shop for making free calls to USA from anywhere in the world. Are you trying to call an AT&T number or your friend that has a T-mobile based service? Perhaps you are calling someone on a VOIP based number provided by Vonage or a regular fixed number provided by Comcast. Our world class backend will easily connect your call to any phone number based in US - no matter which state, country or mobile carrier the number belongs to. 

Excellent quality free calls to USA

We always get five star rating from our valued customers and the biggest contributor to such high customer satisfaction score is our excellent voice quality. You can call your loved ones in USA knowing that your call is not going to get dropped while you are in the middle of discussing something important. Also, you will be able to hear the other person in high definition sound clarity and vice versa. No more havign to deal with the other person not being able to hear you.