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Free Calls to BangladeshFree Calls to Bangladesh


Do you call Bangladesh your home but have not been able to find a method to make free calls to Bangladesh? Are you looking for a simple method to be able to make free phone calls? Is it important for you to stay in touch with your family in Bangladesh? Look no further. 

We all know that internet penetration remains low in Bangladesh and for expats from this beautiful country, it is important that a free internet calling service that can connect to mobile or landline phones in Bangladesh is available. We understand your need and we are here to help you stay in touch with your family in Bangladesh - no matter where they are! 

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PopTox enables free calls to Bangladesh

PopTox is an internet technology that functions within a standard web browser. No apps or plug-ins are needed to make use of the free calling service. You can make entirely free calls to Bangladesh without downloading any app. 

Make Free Calls from any device 

Since most internet connected devices have a Chrome or Opera browser, you can use PopTox from most communication devices. PopTox is not an application for the iOS devices or Android devices only. Anyone using any device can now use PopTox. We do not discriminate based on which eco system you prefer. Do you use a Mac, PC or an Android phone? Not a problem - you are all covered. 

VOIP Calls to Bangladesh are now free

You must be wondering how do we connect your calls to a normal phone? Are we not based on internet? How is it possible that we can traverse outside of the internet based network to the older telephony based network? The answer is VOIP. VOIP allows us to carry your voice digitally from internet based communication protocol to analog signals which traditional phone networks understand. While we make calling simple and easy, our backend goes through a lot of complicated conversion steps to make sure that the call quality remains high. Start making free calls to Bangladesh today!

How to call Bangladesh?

Area Name, Area code


(00880) + 468


(00880) + 431


(00880) + 51


(00880) + 31


(00880) + 81


(00880) + 2


(00880) + 531


(00880) + 981


(00880) + 421


(00880) + 41


(00880) + 71


(00880) + 11,15,17,181,19

Moulvi Bazar

(00880) + 861


(00880) + 91


(00880) + 671


(00880) + 441


(00880) + 721


(00880) + 821